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May 2, 2016

Citrus Model Railroad Club On-Line

On April 22-23, 2016, 5 members of the Citrus Model RR Club, their wives, and a few friends made a trip to Folkston GA to watch trains at the “Folkston Funnel” - a spot where two major CSX rail lines into Florida converge, providing frequent train traffic.   The city of Folkston has erected a rail fan platform alongside the tracks to make that experience easy and enjoyable.

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The Citrus Model Railroad Club had the honor of hosting the ladies of the​ Philanthropic Educational Organization and their husbands. The day included lunch along with a tour of all three club layouts and a operational demonstration of the HO layout.  The meal was a real club favorite: Hobo Stew and cornbread, followed by sweet potato cake for dessert!

We saw 9 or 10 trains on Saturday in 3 hours, plus 5 on Friday in about the same time. 

April 22-23, 2016